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Drunken Philosophy

Nov 20, 2019

Sexual politics, radical feminism, and anti-pornography campaigns. Those are just three topics Connor and Dan are completely ill-equipped to discuss in this episode. But they give it their best shot with a little guidance from law scholar and feminist philosopher Catherine MacKinnon

Nov 6, 2019

Based off the suggestion of a listener, Connor and Dan reluctantly dig into the modern, hate-fueled nihilism that seems to be dominating a certain subsection of the internet. But first, they give a brief refresher course on nihilism in general and discuss whether any of it has any validity.

Oct 23, 2019

Philosophy isn't just something you do while reclined in your armchair, smoking a pipe, scribbling your notes. Philosophy can be something you put into action along with 50 of your weird friends on a farm in Indiana. This week, Connor and Dan examine the successes and failures of various American utopian...

Oct 16, 2019

At the behest of a longtime loyal listener, Connor and Dan venture up to Canada to discuss some modern philosophy coming from the indigenous people of the Nova Scotia area. Dan does his best to pronounce some words and probably fails while Connor sits pondering the fact that we're all doomed because of climate...

Oct 9, 2019

Inspired by a recent bout of apartment hunting, Connor and Dan sit down for a tour of philosophical conceptions of property and ownership. How do we define something as specific and at the same time abstract as "property"? Well, turns out it's hard. Also, maybe it's theft. Find out for yourselves!