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Drunken Philosophy

Dec 25, 2019

Ho, ho, ho! Etc, etc. On this special (decidedly Christian) holiday, Connor and Dan decide to spend some time with one of the Four Horsemen of New Atheism. But they pick the one who happens to look like Santa Claus so it's all good. Regardless, it's time to talk science and religion all at once! Happy Holidays!

Dec 18, 2019

Italian philosopher and politician Gianni Vattimo thinks history is over with. Moreover, he thinks modernity is going out the window with it. This week, Connor and Dan contend with this idea and find themselves strangely comfortable with the uncomfortable nature of postmodernism.

Dec 11, 2019

Attention contrarians, here's an episode for you. This week, Connor and Dan discuss American philosopher Carl Cohen who isn't afraid to piss people off with his thoughts on controversial issues, including animal rights. This is an episode for all you devil's advocates out there or for any vegetarians looking to...

Dec 4, 2019

In honor of the recent passing of contemporary philosopher Jaegwon Kim, Connor and Dan discuss the Brown University professor's thoughts on physicalism, the mind-body problem, and the difficult problems of philosophy. It's good stuff! But, as usual, they spend the opening ten minutes alienating everyone and everything.

Nov 27, 2019

During the Islamic Golden Age, a learned judge that we know as Averroes flipped the world on its head with his commentaries on Aristotle. Why don't we know more about him? The normal stuff: banishment, book burning, and probably some racism.