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Drunken Philosophy

Apr 2, 2020

A very special episode of Drunken Philosophy. 

Apr 1, 2020

In addition to being the patron saint of cynicism, the ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes is basically the patron saint of Drunken Philosophy. He was famous for living in an overturned wine barrel on the streets of Athens and generally thumbing his nose at the educated citizens of that old world metropolis. This week,...

Feb 19, 2020

All things must come to an end, including the brief saga of Leon Trotsky. The once central figure of a global revolution finds himself far from home and with very few friends. But Connor and Dan learn that, much like the other socialists of his ilk, Trotsky wasn't going down without a fight.

Jan 29, 2020

Inspired by a recent re-watch of Seven Samurai, Dan descends into the dusty tomes of Japan's most notorious swordsman, who, when he wasn't beating guys down with a wooden stick, was scribbling out his unique philosophy and outlook on life. Connor's training begins today. Does he have what it takes to be the best?...

Jan 1, 2020

To kick off the new year, Connor and Dan decide to restructure their personal education. And they do so by looking back at the revolutionary pedagogy of Brazilian philosophy Paulo Freire. The first thing Dan should probably learn is how to pronounce his last name!